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What is Alternator in vehicle : construction, type and working

What is Alternator in vehicle : construction, type and working

Hi fiends today we are going to learn about what is alternator in vehicle and also we will teach that types of alternator, construction of alternator and working of alternator.


What is an Alternator in vehicle:-

The alternator is a mechanical device which is converts the mechanical energy into the electrical energy. But conditions is that the alternator produced the alternative current (AC) only. 

The alternator is provide electricity to all electrical and electronic components of the vehicle and also recharge the battery.

The alternator produced the alternative current (AC) always but it have a rectifier to convert the alternative current (AC) into the direct current (DC). Because all electrical and electronic components of the vehicle's are compatible for direct current (DC).

Construction of an Alternator :-

The Alternator have static permanent magnet inside the body. Also the alternator have a rotor and a stator.

Rotor is connected with drive pully which gets drive from the engine and the stator is fixed fit at end and around of the rotor. The rotor is winded by copper wire and the wire is connected with stator and finally stator provide external connection which provide alternative current (AC).


Type of Alternator :-

The Alternator is have two types which are mentioned below-

1. Silent pole type :- 

Generally it have two or more pole with winded bhi copper wire. Mostly it used for slow speed machine and  small cars etc. 

2. Cylindrical Rotor type :-

The cylindrical rotor type alternator is have a rounded magnet with winded by Cooper wire. This is used for high speed and large engine.

Working of Alternator :-

After starting the engine, the engine gives drive to alternator by the belt. The rotor of the alternator starts rotate. 

The permanent magnet produced the  EMf (electro magnetic force) and the EMF are traveled from North Pole to South Pole always.

So the rotating rotor is cut the EMF that's why the electricity is produced. And this electricity transmit from rotor to stator and stator is remains connect with rectifier so this alternative current flow to rectifier and after converting From alternative current to direct current flow to the battery and all electric or electronics components.

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