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What is knocking in engine

What is knocking in engine

The knocking in engine is also known as pinging and detonation but there are some different, what is it let's know. 


What is Knocking in engine:- 

The knocking in engine is also known as detonation and pinging. Inside an engine cylinder compressed the entire air and fuel during the compression stroke and ignite this mixture according the ignition timing. But once a time will come when a another SIT (self ignition temperature) is take place inside the engine cylinder and start burning at other place inside the engine cylinder. When these both fire get contact with each other and bump with each other than we able to hear a noise of blast from the engine cylinder this is known as detonation. Remember this is a defect of the engine. This blast is bump with cylinder wall then it is known as pinging and when it bump with piston head then this known as knocking. 

 The loses of knocking in engine:-

    (i)  Piston may be cracked. 
    (ii) Piston rings may be cracked. 
    (iii) The valve seating may be loose. 
    (iv) The valve may be cracked. 
    (v)  The blow-by may be take place. 

Some things may effects knocking in engine:-

    (i)  Quality of fuel. 
    (ii) Compression ratio. 
    (iii) Ratio of air and fuel mixture. 
    (iv) Design of combustion chamber. 

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