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What is EPI cycle gear train, How it work and it's principles

What is EPI cycle gear train, explain the working of EPI cycle gear train and explain the principles of the EPI cycle gear


What is EPI Cycle Gear Train:-

The drive from the engine inside the vehicle has to be transported from the gear box to the transfer case and to the wheels made from the differential. And at some places the speed is reduced where the move has to be overloaded. A lot of gear is required for all these things.

What is the EPI cycle gear

Initially, when the gearbox was made, it was the selective sliding type, then constant mesh gearbox came. These gearbox had many gears. Due to which their size was very large and their price also increased.

 Then in 1928, the Ford company manufactured a new type of gearbox and solved all these problems, the name of this gear box is - EPI Cycle gear train.

Working of EPI Cycle gear train:-

There are following workings of the EPI cycle gear trying

1. Step-up or step-down the drive. 

2. Passes the drive in reverse position. 

3. Drive the car forward.

4. Help to the achieve the neutral position. 

5. Can also be used in Steering system. 

6. Getting more drive by applying smaller gears. 

What is principles of EPI cycle gear

Type of EPI cycle gear train:-

It works on the principle of solar system meaning solar system. There are two types-

(i) Single Gear Train.

(ii) Multi or Compound Gear Train.

Parts of EPI cycle gear train:-

There are total four parts in every EPI cycle gear train which as follow-

1. Sun Gear:-

This gear is the smallest and is inside the gear train. In this, there are spur teeth cut outwards which always coincide with the teeth of planetary gear. This gear can be fitted either free or as per the requirement.

2. Planetary Gear:-

These gears fitted a float with the help of a spindle over their carrier, which can also rotate at its center and rotate around the sun gear and annulus because its teeth are on one side of the sun gear and on the other side of the annulus. live with teeth. Their number varies in different gear train, it can be at least 2 and up to 7 at most.


3. Planetary Carrier:-

The planetary gear is fitted with the help of spindle material inside the carrier. This carrier is also called spider or cage. When it is stopped, the planetary gear floats on it but the drive is out in the opposite direction.

4. Annulus:-

This gear, which is the outermost part of the EPI cycle gear train, has teeth cut inside it, which is solder with the teeth of planetary gear and it is also called ring gear.

Principal of EPI cycle gear train:-

There are some working principles of the EPI cycle gear train which as follow-

1. Any member in this gear train can be drive, driven or held.

2. The drive will not be out until any one member is held.

3. If two members are held then the third one will be held automatically and the entire gear train will rotate as one.

4. If two members drive then the third one will be driven.

5. If two members drive and are moving in the same direction, then the third member will be driven and move in the same direction with them.

6. If both the members are moving opposite to each other, then the driven member will move in the direction of the more rotating. 

7. If the planetary carrier is held, the drive will be out in the opposite direction.

8. If one member drives and the other is held then the third automatically becomes a driven member.

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