What is the synthetic oil, synthetic oil vs normal oil, advantages of synthetic oil


Synthetic meaning

What is the synthetic oil


What is the synthetic oil:-

1. Synthetic meaning:-

Things which produced by human being in chemical process but work like natural things, it known as synthetic. 

2. What is synthetic oil:-

Synthetic oil is a lubricant which prepared by human being by mixing some chemical compounds with crude oil known as synthetic oil. 

Which chemical use to made synthetic oil

Synthetic oil prices

3. Which chemical use to made synthetic oil:-

The main agent is petroleum raw materials or crude oil and mixed the following chemical compounds with it - carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane gas, carbon particles, caster oil etc. After mixing all above chemical compounds pass it away through a chemical process, in resulting we got synthetic oil. 

What is the synthetic oil

4. Synthetic oil prices:-

The synthetic oil is not more expensive. It just available in market in the range start from 500/- Rs to 600/- Rs per litter. 

Advantage of synthetic oil

5. Advantages of synthetic oil:-

There are many advantages of synthetic oil-

(a) It is a good lubricant for both low and high temperature. 

(b) It have good viscosity and viscosity index. 

(c) It produce vapour very low in quantity. 

(d) It protect against oxidant and sludge formation. 

(e) It helps to increase the engine life. 

(f) Increase the fuel economy and efficiency. 

(g) It does good work in the cold weather. 

(h) Increase the engine horse power. 

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