What is viscosity explain it and explain the different between viscosity and viscosity index


What is the viscosity explain it

Viscosity kya hai

Different between viscosity and viscosity index

What is the viscosity explain it:-

Every oil have different quality for flowing, some oil flow smoothly and oil flow harder. Because of the oil experience some resistance to flow, this resistance to flow is know as viscosity.

In other words a viscosity is That on a specific temperature the oil flow formation will change it mean at low temperature the oil getting thick and viscosity will increased. But on high temperature the oil getting thin and viscosity will decreased. Basically it is a flowing capability of the oil. For example the transmission fluid have low viscosity than transmission oil.

What is Viscosity index:-

Viscosity index is a chart which is decided a viscosity number for a oil after measuring temperature of the oil by the viscometer that the oil lost or change it's flow formation. According to this temperature the viscosity index give a viscosity number. 


Procedure of giving a viscosity index number:-

First take a viscometer which have two types reading from minus to plus, it means the reading stars from -18°C to +99°C . Now the society of automobile engineering enter the oil into the viscometer and make it start flowing to both side in cold and hot, and note the temperature of +°c when oil starts convert into the mist and also note the -°C  temperature when oil start becoming thick. The noted both temperature find out in the viscosity index group. This group is viscosity index number of the oil. 


Temperature is -20°C and +48°C and find out this temperature into the index group it means according to chart the viscosity number is SAE - 10W60.

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