BS-VI fuel (Bharat Stage -VI fuel) 

What is BS-VI fuel (Bharat Stage -VI fuel) and what kind of additives mixed into BS-VI fuel


Type of  BS-VI fuel (Bharat Stage -VI fuel)  :-

There are many type of fuel available in the market like BS-II, BS-III, BS-IV and BS-VI.

Quality of fuel measure by its purity it means there are some impurity in fuel like lead into the petrol and sulphur into the diesel. Quantity of lead and the sulphur is only reason for exhaust pollution. 

 BS-VI fuel (Bharat Stage -VI fuel)

So at every stage of fuel trying make better fuel by reducing sulphur from diesel and lead from petrol. 

For example in 1995 diesel have 10,000 ppm of sulphur and now in 2020 diesel have only 10 ppm of sulphur. 

So finally BS-VI fuel is same like BS-IV but the quantity of sulphur ppm is different. 

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