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Fuel cell kya hai, What is the fuel cell

What is the fuel cell, fuel cell kya hai, fuel cell ke bare mein kya jante hai, explain the fuel cell


Fuel cell kya hai What is the fuel cell:-

Fuel cell is a mixture of electronic and chemical (fuel) energy cell. That convert the chemical energy into the electrical energy by processing between oxygen agents and hydrogen.

Working of fuel cell:-

Fuel enter into the fuel cell from one side and oxygen enter from other side. The fuel cell have two electro-rod that one is anode and one is cathode. Inside the fuel cell the electrons of the hydrogen of the fuel travel from anode to the cathode and react with the oxygen agents during traveling the electrons of hydrogen, in resulting it produce electricity and react with the oxygen it produce clean water. 

Fuel cell kya hai What is the fuel cell


Flow of the electrons known as electricity. 

So guys this a small information about fuel cell if you want to know anymore so please contact us. 

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