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What is alternate fuel, alternate fuel kya hai

What is alternate fuel, what do you mean by alternate fuel, alternate fuel kya hai



As we know normally we use the petrol, diesel, kerosene as fuel into the vehicles engine to produced the energy for drive the vehicle. 

But we that the sources of these fuels are very limited and as per data analysis in earlier time these fuel will finished soon. 

What is alternate fuel

So if we used some other things for replacing the petrol, diesel and kerosene, this other things are known as alternate fuel.


There are many type of alternate fuels available into the market like:- 

1. Hydrogen:-

The hydrogen basically used in electrical vehicle as a fuel cell to produce the energy. The hydrogen react with oxygen into an electrolyte and produced electricity that is used to drive the vehicle.

2. Natural gases:-

There are many natural gases available for using as fuel like LPG (liquid petroleum gas), CNG (compressed natural gas), used into the vehicle as fuel and these gases are generated the less exhaust gases as compare to diesel and petrol. 

What is alternate fuel

3. Alcohol:-

There are many type of alcohol available which is usable like fuel for example ethanol, mathanol and butanol. 

4. Bio-diesel:-

In the nova day the bio-diesel is very important fuel and it is used as a fossil fuel easily. Is is used in high compressed diesel engine. The bio-diesel is produce by the seeds of JATROPHA CURCAS plant. The seeds contains 25% to 40% oil.


5. Electricity:-

Electricity is also use as fuel inside the electrical vehicle. 

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