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Properties of antifreeze mixture : boiling point, freezing point

Properties of antifreeze mixture : boiling point, freezing point and instructions for driver during using antifreeze mixture into the vehicle


The following properties must be in the antifreeze mixture, which are mention below:-

Properties of antifreeze mixture:-

1. The antifreeze mixture must be easy mix with water.
2. It must protect from freezing at minimum temperature.
3. It must be a high heat absorber.
4. It must be non-flammable and flash point of this mixture is should more than working temperature.
5. The boiling point is more than water. 

Properties of antifreeze mixture

6. The viscosity must be  normal at operating temperature. 
7. It must not be harmful for rubber, brass and any metal parts. 
8. It  must works for long time as a anti corrosion and antifreeze.
9. It must easy mix with corrosion inhibitors.

instructions for driver during using antifreeze mixture into the vehicle:-

1. First flush-out the system before full-length with the antifreeze. 
2. Make sure for tighten the all clips, joint and connection.
3. Check the density of the antifreeze mixture before filling with the help of hydrometer.
4. Make sure always complete the level with the same density mixture. 

Some important thinks about properties of antifreeze mixture:-

1. The calcium chloride and the sodium chromite mixture is works as anti corrosion and antifreeze but we can't use it because of this mixture act a chemical reaction with aluminum.

Properties of antifreeze mixture

2. The boiling point is low of the alcohol and mathalin but we can't use because of these are high flammable.
3. For making an antifreeze normally use the ethylene and glycol. Boiling point of these are at 195°C.

What is the boiling point:-

The boiling point is a important properties of antifreeze mixture When fill some liquid into a jar and cover it with a lead after that give some fire under the jar.Becauss of the fire the entire liquid getting hot and start convert into steam and trying to expend own size that's why  pressure increase inside the jar. When the pressure of inside the jar is becoming more than atmospheric pressure this temperature of the liquid is known as boiling point of the liquid. 

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