What is OBD 2, different between OBD 1 AND OBD 2


Introduction of OBD 2:-

Means by OBD is on board diagnosis. So in the modern era the every vehicle have OBD port. You must know about all engine functions and also vehicle conditions by connecting a OBD device into the OBD port. So by this article we will trying to learn about OBD and we will complete it in some words-

1. What is OBD 2.

2. How OBD 2 works. 

3. Different between OBD 1 and OBD 2.

What is OBD 2.

What is OBD 2:-

The OBD 2 is a device which helps us for knowing about vehicle conditions and engine functions like engine RPM, engine power, fuel consumption, Kpl, sensors serviceability etc. The OBD work like a remote device, it provide data to user by Bluetooth and WiFi.


How OBD 2 works:-

The all modern vehicle have a ECU means engine control unit. The ECU connected with all engine working parts and sensors of vehicle and getting signals from all and store all data in own memory. The ECU works like a computer it have a chip and the chip have some memory to store the data. This ECU is also connected with OBD port, now when user connects OBD device into the OBD port then this device received data from ECU directly and displaying this received data to user by Bluetooth or WiFi in a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The user have to download the related application of the OBD 2 device and install it in smartphone. The user must access and operate it very easy. 

Different between OBD 1 and OBD 2:-

There are many different between OBD 1 and OBD 2 devices which are as follows-

1. The OBD 1 device don't have facility to provide data remotely. It only works with connector.

2. OBD 1 is have some restrictions for showing the information but OBD 2 displays all information about engine and vehicle.

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