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Differential and work of differential

Differential and work of differential


Introduction about differential and work of differential:-

When a car runs on the road, it is differential to make both the wheels move at equal speed and when the vehicle take a turn than the inside wheel turns less as compare to outside wheel.

Apart from this, you know that if the speed from the engine is delivered directly to the wheel, then the speed will be so high that you will not be able to control the car and there will be more accidents.

What is differential.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the speed from the engine to the wheel, differential final reduction only makes the wheel move.

Initially, there was no differential in vehicles, but at that time the speed of the vehicles was low, then gradually the technology developed and the speed of the vehicle increased, then the need for differential was felt.

The first Conventional Automobile Differential was created by One siphore Pecquer, a French scientist in 1827 and used in a steam engine, after which different types of differentials were produced.

Work of differential.

Working Principle of Differential:-

There are total three working principle of the differential which are as follows-

1. Rack and Pinion:-

If one pinion is pulled between two racks, then both racks along with the pinion will be pulled together. This rule is applicable inside differential when the car is moving upright.

2. Weighing Scale (Tarazoo):-

If the weight is increased or stopped on one of the racks in both the racks, then the weight on which the given weight is less and the free one will run more, this rule is in differential when the car turns. come into force.

3. Rope and Pully:-

If we rotate one wheel clock wise by jack-up the vehicle, then the other wheel will automatically rotate anti clock wise.


Type of Differential:-

1.    Open Differential.

2.    Limited Slip Differential.

3.    Controlled Differential.

4.    Torque Sensing Differential.

5.    Independent Swing Axle.

6.    Viscous coupling Differential.

Open Differential:-

 1. Parts of Open Differential:-

  •      Bevel shaft with Bevel gear.
  •      Large Crown Wheel.
  •      Cage.
  •      Spider.
  •      Star / Planet Pinion.
  •      Sun Pinion.
  •      Half Hub Shaft.

 2. Working of Open Differential:-

(a) When Vehicle Move Straight:-

The drive coming from the engine is equal to both wheels through bevel shaft with bevel gear, large crown wheel, cage, spider, star pinion, sun pinion, and half hub shaft. Because there is no pressure on any wheel at this time, due to this, the train will run straight. 

(b) When Vehicle take a Turn:-

When the vehicle is bent, the tire gets curved because of the pressure on it. At a that time, the half hub shaft attached to that tire also forces to stop, then the sun pinion also tries to stop. At that time, by floating the star pinion above this sun pinion, the sun pinion on the other side will float due to which the other wheel and The speed will go fast and the car will turn quickly and easily. 

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