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Working principle of fluid, what is the Pascal law

Working principle of fluid, what is the Pascal law, different between fluid and oil


Working Principal of fluid / oil:-

As we know the hydraulic fluid is used where we need to transfer the pressure from one place to other place. Because of the hydraulic fluid has been pressed but not compressed. That's why according to Pascal law the hydraulic fluid is works, so finally we said that the working principal of the hydraulic fluid is Pascal law.

Working Principal of fluid

Pascal law

What is Pascal law:-

1. According to this law if we filled oil into a gallery or a tube which have many exit way. Now apply some amount of pressure from one way in kilograms per square centimeter and we received the same pressure on every exit of the gallery because of the fluid can pressed but cannot compressed.

Working principle of fluid

2. If we want increase mechanical advantage then we have to increase the surface area of the fluid were we want to output. For example if we pressed the fluid with 4 kilograms per square centimeter pressure with the help of piston which have 1 centimeter dia. Now on the exit if we assembled a piston which have 10 centimeter dia then we received 40 kilograms per square centimeter pressure on the exit. It means we apply only 4 kg pressure but we get 40 kg pressure this is known as mechanical advantage.


What is mechanical advantage:-

By using the minimum power get the maximum output is known as mechanical advantage. 

Mechanical advantage

Working principle of fluid

Different between fluid and oil:-

There are many different  between fluid and oil, these are mention below-

1. Fluid:-

(a) Fluid is used to transfer the pressure and also protect the parts from wear.

(b) Fluid is does lubrication of the working parts also. 

(c) It is used where required low viscosity. 

(d) It have very low freezing point. 

(e) It must have corrosion inhibitors capabilities. 

(f) It have few amount of gumminess.

2. Oil:-

(a) Oil is only used for the lubrication of the working parts. 

(b) It have high viscosity than fluid.

(c) It must have high heat absorber.

(d) It not used for pressure transfer because of high viscosity than fluid. 

(e) It have high gumminess than fluid.

(f) It have detergent agents to clean the engine working parts while lubrication.

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