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Type of turn, type of turn of tanks

Type of turn, type of turn of tanks, type of turn of armoured fighting vehicle,


Type of turn:-

In the fighting vehicle there are total three types of turn, which are mention below:-

1. Skid turn:-

When a tracked vehicle trying to turn one side than the track which side it want to turn is stop and other side track runs continues so that the stoped tracked skid on the ground and vehicle is take a turn with skid.

Example :- Tank T-72, T-90 & T-80UD. 

Type of turn

2. Neutral turn:-

According to above name the fighting vehicle take a turn in neutral position. Some older version tracked fighting vehicle which have manual transmission, that have this capability is that if apply some amount of pressure on accelerator pedal in neutral position and pull a stick than the vehicle take a turn in standing position, this type of turn known a neutral turn. 

Example:- Tank M4 Sherman, Tank Leopard 2A7, Tank T-55. 

Type of turn


3. Pivot turn:-

When take a turn into a tracked fighting vehicle then the track which side want to turn is rotate in opposite directions. So one tracked is rotate in forward and one track is rotate in reverse direction, thats why the vehicle turns constantly and quickly. This turn know as pivot turn. 

Example:- M1A1 Abraham, M113 Gavin. 

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