What is bearing, type of bearings, why bearing need into engine


What is bearings:-

Bearing is derived from the word bear which means to sack or support the object which bears a load or Thrust is known Bearing. It is an integral part of any machine that fits between the static parts and the moving parts. Bearing is prevents from friction of both static and moving parts.

Type of Friction  -  

1. Dry Friction.

2. Greasy Friction.

3. Viscous Friction.

Some factors effect friction:-

1. Contact Area.

2. Pressure (Load ).

3. Material.

4. Surface.

Type of Thrust:-  

1. Vertical / Radial thrust.

2. Driving Thrust.

3. Axial / side thrust / End by thrust.

4. Weaping Thrust.

Types of Bearing :-

Bearings have following types-

1.    Thrust Bearing :-      

(i) Radial / Supporting Bearing       

(ii) Thrust bearing:- thrust bearing have following type-         

(a) Plain Bearing              

(b) Split Bearing              

(c) Foot Step bearing              

(d) Collar type Bearing              

(e) Cone Type Bearing       

(iii) Double Purpose Bearing.   

(iv) Self Aligning Bearing.  

2. Anti Friction or Design Bearing - 

(i) Ball Bearing:- ball bearings have following type-      

(a) Single Ball Bearing.        

(b) Double Ball Bearing.           

(c) Deep Groove Ball Bearing.        

(d) Cup & Cone Type Ball Bearing. 

(e) self-align ball bearing. 

(ii) roller bearing:- Roller bearing have following type-        

(a) plain roller bearing.     

(b) taper roller bearing.         

(c) Self-align roller bearing.   

(d) needle roller bearing. 

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