Royal Enfield top 10 silencers : awesome sound and looks

Welcome friends, today we are going to know about Royal Enfield top 10 silencers which are easy available in market at cheapest price. You also buy from online shop like Amazon and flipkart etc.


Royal Enfield top 10 silencers:-

First of all the Royal Enfield company is Indian most trustable and favorable bike company which already give the fantastic silencer with the new bike. Because the Royal Enfield bikes are know world wide by its exhaust sound and it's design or looking.

But some people have different choice they wanted to use different silencer other then company because of from the different silencer the difference type of sound we generate. 

Into the Indian market there various types of Royal Enfield silencers are available but we know about Royal Enfield top 10 silencers

List of Royal Enfield top 10 silencers:-

1. Red Roaster Silencer :-

The red roaster silencer series is built and design in banglore. This silencer is gives the simple and good look to the bike. This silencer is mostly compatible with Royal Enfield classic, Royal Enfield Electra and Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

2. Megha Phone Silencer:-

This silencer is compatible with all Royal Enfield bikes because it have different version for all bikes.

3. Globe Cobra Silencer:-

This silencer is available in very cheapest price and also give the best sound of exhaust it increase the bass sound of exhaust.


4. Barrel Exhaust Ghost Silencer:-

The barrel exhaust ghost silencer is innovated specially for the Royal Enfield Himalyan bike.

5. Wild Bore Silencer:-

The wild bore silencer is compatible with all version of Royal Enfield bikes and it also available in both branded and local.

6. Punjabi Silencer:-

The punjabi silencer is also local modified silencer which make sound different then normal Royal Enfield bikes.

Royal Enfield top 10 silencers

7. Shark Faced Silencer:-

The shark faced silencer is also modified silencer which increase mileage of the bike and increase the exhaust bass. 

8. Tail Gunner Silencer:-

The tail gunner silencer is have a rotary exhaust at the end of the silencers which make a difference sound.


9. Indori Silencer:-

The Indori silencer is also local modified silencer but most favorable silencer for the Royal Enfield bikes. It mostly used in Rajasthan. 

10. Barrel Exhaust Scud Silencer :-

The barrel exhaust scud silencer is comes with Royal Enfield classic bike. It have designed like barrel of carbon machine gun.

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