Exhaust brake ALS Mk-3 : construction and working

The exhaust brake ALS Mk-3 is a helping brake of the service brake or main brake. Exhaust brake ALS Mk-3 we normally use while vehicle getting down from long distance slope. It may prevent brake shoe from wear and also increase the life of service brake system.


Construction of exhaust brake ALS Mk-3:-

The exhaust brake ALS Mk-3 is works like helper of the main service brake. The exhaust brake have a electronic solenoid which connected with exhaust on / off switch and micro switch. The micro switch is fitted with brake pedal, it works when driver push the brake pedal.

Solenoid is connected with a cylinder by the air pipe. Inside this cylinder there is a rubber diaphragm is fitted and diaphragm is connected with push rod. For give strength to the rubber diaphragm there is steel disc is fitted.

Push rod is connected with butterfly valve with the help of linkages and the butterfly valve is fitted inside the exhaust pipe at outlet of the exhaust manifold.

Working of exhaust brake ALS Mk-3 :-

The exhaust brake mostly used while vehicle moves down from long distance slope. When driver switch on the exhaust brake switch and apply few amount of pressure onto the brake pedal. 

The electrical circuit has completed of the solenoid of the exhaust brake. The solenoid getting magnetized and plunger of the solenoid moves upward and open the way of pressurized air. This pressurized air flow to the air cylinder and push forward the diaphragm.

Exhaust brake ALS Mk-3

The diaphragm move forward and returning spring of diaphragm will closed. For moving forward of the diaphragm the linkages also move and the same movement transmit to butterfly.

The butterfly valve change its position from horizontal to vertical and block the flow of exhaust gases. Because of this the exhaust gases flow back to the engine cylinder and apply some amount of pressure onto the piston that's why the engine speed getting slowdown and control on the vehicle speed.


Advantage of exhaust brake ALS Mk-3 :-

1. Increase service brake life. 

2. Protect the brake shoe from unnecessary wear. 

3. Control on speed of the vehicle. 

4. Doing help of the service brake. 

Exhaust brake ALS Mk-3

Disadvantages of exhaust brake ALS Mk-3 :-

1. It may effect on engine life by using continues. 

2. If electric wire broken it will not work. 

3. It operate by air pressure if vehicle do not have air pressure then it will not work.

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