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Cycle brake light

Cycle brake light : make and assembled by yourself in cheapest price

Hi friends today we are talking about how can we make a cycle brake light and how to assemble it into the cycle. So today we learn about it and also I'll teach you that which parts used, construction and prices of parts.


Usable parts for cycle brake light:-

There are many different types of parts available in market in different prices but we will used cheapest parts which are as follows-

1. Micro switch. 

2. HW 9V small battery. 

3. Red LED light. 

Micro switch for cycle brake light:-

This micro switch is easy available in market at every electronic shop in maximum 5₹ to 10₹ prices. You can order it from online store also. It easy available on any online store.


HW 9V small battery for cycle brake light:-

This small battery is also easy available in nearest electronic shop and online store also. This battery is available in 25₹ to 30₹ maximum prices.


Red LED light for cycle brake light:-

We need a red LED light and we bug it from nearest electronic shop and from online store as you like. This LED light available in range of 20₹ to 25₹ maximum.


Assembling procedure of cycle brake light:-

First of all we have to remove the rear brake handle and cable. Now keep the micro switch and atteched it's pole with each other means both right and both left pole atteched and soldering with each other.

Soldering a normal copper electric wire with the micro switch and length of the wire is as per requirements. The length of the wire is depends on the the length of the cycle.

Now pest the micro switch by the glue at the rear and of the brake handle. Now the connect the wire with the red LED light and pest the LED light at rear end of the cycle. 

Cycle brake light

Cut the wire from one place and both cuts part of the wire have to connect with the battery and assembled the battery as per your choice place and make sure that you have to proper isolated the battery. This isolation is prevent the battery from water and rain.

Now re-assemble the brake handle at it place and you will see that the micro switch is comes between handle and static point. 

This micro switch is now works opposite it  always remains on but when you pulled the brake handle then the micro switch will getting off and the circuit of the brake light is completed so in resulting the LED light is glow. When you release the brake handle then brake light again off.

Thanks for being here friends if you have any doubts please comment us. 

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