Differential gearbox of Maruti Gypsy


Differential gearbox of Maruti Gypsy:-

Hi guys! Today we discuss about differential gearbox of maruti gypsy. 

Requirements of differential gearbox :- 

Before we going to the differential gearbox, we must know about requirements of differential gearbox in the vehicle, so in the vehicle to achieve final reduction the differential must be required and also when the vehicle move forward to distribute the incoming drive equal to both wheel and when vehicle take a turn then distribute the incoming drive to more outer wheel as compare to inner wheel. That's why we need a differential gearbox into the vehicle. 

Now in the maruti gypsy there is a hypoid type differential is fitted. 

Components of differential gearbox:- 

Bevel shaft, bevel gear, large crown wheel, cage, spider, star pinion, sun pinion and half hub shaft. 

Differential gearbox of maruti gypsy

Principle of differential gearbox :-

The differential gearbox basically work on three principle these are mention below:

Rack &pinion, tarazu and rope & pulley. 

In the gypsy differential gearbox the a principle have been applied. 

Describe about differential gearbox :-

To fill the oil level on the gearbox a filler is fitted and to drain the oil a drain plug is provided. For dissipate the mist of oil into the atmosphere the oil breather is mounted on the gearbox. 

Note : The differential gearbox of the maruti gypsy is fitted to right from the centre of the vehicle. 

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