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Gypsy timing belts installation procedure

Maruti Gypsy 413 King timing belts installation procedure


Gypsy timing belts installation procedure:-

Hi guys! Today we discuss about installation procedure of timing belt. So before we going on procedure we must know about its requirements, and requirements are as under mentioned :-

Requirements to install the timing belt:-

If belt has found broken. 

If the vehicle already complete it's 80000 km. 

If adjustment of timing of engine is required. 

Now come again on the topic. Normally we change the timing belt after 80000 kms. 

Gypsy timing belts installation procedure

Procedure of installation of timing belt:-

👉 first park the vehicle in safe place. 

👉 now keep on the parking brake. 

👉 open the bonat. 

👉 Make loose the alternate. 

👉 Keep loose the fen belt and remove it. 

👉 Now open the timing belt cover. 

👉 Now remove the timing belt by keep loosing it with the help of auto tensioner. 

👉 Assembled new timing belt and tighten it at the end by auto tensioner. 

👉 Joint the cover with safely. 

👉 Now mount the fen belt again and make it tighten. 

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