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Steering system quiz questions

Steering system quiz questions, Steering system interview questions


Steering system quiz questions:-

Q 1.- which type of abilities must have inside a good steering system?
Ans - There are three type of abilities must have inside a good steering system-
(a) True Rolling Motion.
(b) Self centring effect.
(c) Centre point of steering.

Steering system quiz questions


Q 2.- What is the name of the tool to remove the Steering wheel?
Ans - Steering puller.
Q 3.- Any three types of steering gearbox?
Ans - (a) Worm and sector type.
(b) Worm and Nut type.
(c) Cam and lever type.

Q 4.- What are a requirements of a steering system? 
Ans - Steering system is used to steer the vehicle while vehicle is moves and prevent from accident. Help to take a turn in the vehicle. 

Q 5.- what is the Camber and camber angle? 
Ans - To shift the line of load to the nearest of point of contact, is called as camber, and a angle between line of load and point of contact is known as camber angle. 

Q 6. - What is the caster and caster angle?
Ans - To shift the line of load at front side of the point of contact that is called caster, and a angle made by this action know as caster angle.

Q 7. - What is king pin? 
Ans - King pin is a part of steering system and it used to lock the beam axle with the stub axle.

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