Defects, causes and Remedies of clutch slipping, clutch rattling, clutch draging, clutch noisy


Today we going to discuss about defects of clutch in automobile 🚗 , there are many defects we faces in the clutch like rattling, slipping, draging and noisy etc.

Defects, causes and remedies:-

1. Clutch Rattling :- 

Causes :- 

a. Dirt and dust is comes inside the clutch assembly.

b.  Internal component become loose.

c.  Found loose linkages. 

d. There are some wear and tear in clutch plate. 

Remedies :-

a. Cleane and re-assemble the clutch assembly. 

b.  Tight the internal components.

c.  Tight the all clutch linkages.

d.  Replace the clutch plate.


2. Clutch Slipping :-


a. Grease and oil falls on the liners of clutch plate. 

b.  Linkage may be bends. 

c. The clutch plate became loose.

Remedies :-

a. Change or clean the clutch plate. 

b. Replace the linkages. 

c. Change the clutch plate. 

Defects, causes and remedies of clutch

3. Clutch Dragging :-


a. May be broken the clutch plate. 

b. Linkages may be bends or broken. 

Remedies :-

a. Change the clutch plate. 

b. Replace the linkages. 

4. Clutch Noisy:-


a.  Clutch liner may be broken. 

b. There are some metal particles inside the clutch assembly. 


a. Change the clutch plate. 

b. Clean the clutch assembly. 

All above mentioned are common defects of clutch and in the hydraulic clutch there is a different defect which is air in fluid. So for carry out this defect you have to follow the bleeding procedure. 

5. Bleeding procedure of clutch :-

Connect the bleeding pipe to the bleeding nipple and from other side put it inside the jar. Now loose the nipple at 1/3 rotation and fully press the clutch pedal. Now pump the clutch pedal because of the pumping the air bubbles are come out from the nipple and when you saw that the fluid is come out from the nipple then please tight the nipple and fill the level of fluid and check the operation of clutch. 

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