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Steering Gearbox Maruti Gypsy 413

 Steering Gearbox Maruti Gypsy 413w MPFI


Type of steering gearbox maruti gypsy 413:-

Type of the steering gearbox of MG 413w MPFI is "Re-circulating Ball and Nut Type".

This gearbox contents some components which are mentioned below:-

1.    Steering Gearbox Body. 
2.    Rack shaft. 
3.    Worm Shaft. 
4.    Worm gear.
5.    Steel Balls and Tube. 

Steering Gearbox Body:-   

The cover of the gearbox is covered internal parts of the steering gearbox and also stored the lubrication oil of the gearbox. The oil capacity of the gearbox is 350 ml and grading is OC - 600 ( OC - Oil Compound). Cover prevent the internal parts from the dust and dirt. 

Steering Gearbox Maruti Gypsy 413

Rack Shaft :-  

Rack shaft is connected from one side to lower steering shaft and from another side it connected to the worm shaft. It get movement from steering shaft and pass to the worm shaft. 

Worm Shaft :-  

The worm shaft fitted inside the worm gear. The worm shaft have worm on itself. Worm shaft received movement from rack shaft and move inside the rack piston. The worm gear also move along with the worm shaft but in the opposite direction. These both work on principle of the screw.

Worm Gear :-   

The worm gear is fitted on the worm shaft and move along with the worm shaft but in opposite direction. It have some teeth which are always remains constant mesh with the sector shaft. Through the sector shaft movement goes to the axle and wheels. 

Steel Balls and Tube:-    

Inside the worm gear and arround the worm shaft a steel tube has fitted and the steel balls are moves into this steel balls along with the worm shaft. It helps to make easy movement of the steering. 

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