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Future tyre technology and concept of future tyre

Future tyre technology and concept of future tyre


Future tyre technology:-

In present day the automobile industry has been developed a lot. There are many robotic vehicle developed there do not need a driver for driving the vehicle, these type of vehicle drive it self which is called auto - pilot vehicle. According to this modern development there the tyre industry is also design some futuristic tyre, so let's know about these modern tyre technology concept. There are many type of futuristic tyre but we discuss about 5 types, which are as follows-

Shape - shifting tyres:-

When you go at other place which have different terrain then your native place than definitely you have to change the tyre of your car. But now be relex the shape shifting tyre is capable to change it's own shap as per terrain. 

Lavish concept car tyre:-

The Lavish tyre introduce by the Rolls- Royas Vision next 100 car. This tyre is covered in the car by a special and flexible cover, it not visible in fitment condition. When vehicle take a turn then the cover of the tyre is also turn along with the tyre. 


Energy generating tyres:-

This type of tyre is special designed tyre. It used in hybrid vehicle because it helps to recharge the battery. This tyre contain a mechanism which convert the heat energy of the tyre into the electrical energy. Because of this the fuel efficiency is also increased. 

Future tyre technology and concept of future tyre

Futuristic tyres concept (Dakar concept):-

This concept is introduce by a Korian student. It have seperate hexagonal block. All block have seperate air filling mechanism. This tyre is specially used for speed in cross country are and on road. When any block is getting puncture then replaced this punctured block only, no need to replace complete wheel. 

Connected car tyres concept:-

This type of technology is look like normal tyre but the tyre have several sensors and it may able to reduce and filled the air it self and also able to change the shape according to terrain. 

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