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Wheel balancing and type of wheel balancing

What is Wheel Balancing, and How Does It Happen


Introduction : - 

If a tire is not properly balanced then it will vibrate and steering is also difficult to control. When a new car is built and leaves the factory. So before leaving the factory the wheel, tire is balanced but later it is shaken again, then it has to be re-balanced.

Wheel balancing kya hai.

Wheel balancing kitne prakar ki hoti hai. 

Type of Wheel Balancing:-

There are two types to do wheel  balancing, which is as follows:

1. Static Wheel Balancing:-

This balancing is done in the strict condition of the vehicle in which the wheel is rotated by jack-up the vehicle. The place where the wheel stops coming is marked at the place, then again the wheel is rotated in the other direction. If the wheel stops again at the same place, then the weight is put on the other side of the mark on the wheel and the wheel is balanced, if there is any deficiency in this balancing then Dynamic Wheel Balancing will be done. is.


2. Dynamic Wheel Balancing:-

Dynamic wheel balancing involves the wheel being fitted inside a machine and rotated rapidly, the wheel is heavier on the side where the wheel rotates faster. And on the other side it will be lighter due to which the speed on one side of the wheel is more and the speed will be less on the other side. For this, weight is put on both sides of the wheel as per the requirement.


Occasion for wheel balancing:-

1. When installing a new tire.
2. On applying new Rim.
3. After Wheel Rotation.
4. After every 1000 km run.

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