Type and parts of wheel, tyre and tube,


Type of Wheel:-

There are many types of wheels as follow-

1. Wooden wheel:-

This type of wheel used in old-fashioned vehicles such as chariots, bullock carts etc.

2. Steel wire Spokes Wheel:-

Used in motorcycles and bicycles.

Type of wheel


3. Light Alloy casting wheels:-

Used in today's modern vehicles. It have some types which as follow-

(a) Articulating type.

(b) Disc wheel. 

(c) Single disc.

(d) Double Disc.

(e) Three Disc. 

(f) Four Disc. 

Type of wheel according to rim:-

1. Well Base Type:-

It has a deeply pressed part in the middle of the wheel, such as Willy Jeep.

2. Split Type:-

Such rims are divided into two pieces, they are joined with the help of nuts and studs. 

3. Detachable Rim Bolted:-

It has a separate flange for the tire. 

4. Detachable Rim spring type:-

It was used in the old 3 TON vehicles. 

Type of wheel in terms of fitting:-

1. Knock on type.

2. Disc type enclosed nut.

Marking on the tyre

Parts Of Wheel:-  

1. Rim.

2. Tyre.

3. Tube.

4. Gritter or Flap rust.

5. Bead spacer.

6. Bead lock.


Parts of tyre:-

1. Bead. 

2. Side Wall. 

3. Treads. 
4.  Ply. 

5. Crown. 

Type of tyre

1. Metallic tyre (It is used in rail)

2. Rubber / Natural Synthetic tyre

3. Solid tire - It is rubberized on top of the disc. 

4. Pneumatic Tire:-

They are filled with air and also have some types which follow-

   (a) RF Tyre (Run Flat tyre). 

   (b) Standard tyre. 

   (c) Synthetic tyre. 

   (d) Tubeless tyre. 

5. Sand tire (Desert train of Rajasthan use in camel cart)

Type of tyre in terms of ply:-

1. Cross Ply.

2. Belted Bias ply

3. Radial ply.

Marking on a tire:-

1. Name / Monogram of the manufacturer.

2. year of manufacture.

3. Tyre registered number.

4. Tyre Size.

5. Ply Rating.

6. % of synthetic in rubber.

7. Tread mark.

8. Balance mark.

9. R for radial.

10. Other marking - speed performance, speed limit etc.

Type of tube:-

1. Standard Tube (Commercial and loading vehicles).

2. Compartment alised tube (These have more than one nozzles). 

3. Self sealing tube (These tubes contain a chemical that can fix itself automatically if punctured).

4. Bullet Resistant tube (This bullet is in proof vehicles. Moth is made of rubber)

In nowa days, there are some other types of tires which are being used, which are as follows 

         (a)     Cordless tyre.

         (b)     Chopped Glass fiber.

         (c)     Compartment alised Tyre

         (d)     Tube-less Tyre.

         (e)      Safety Tyre.

         (f)      Celluloid Tyre.

         (g)     Polypropylene Tyre.

         (h)     Ultra wide radial tyre.

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