Variable geometry turbocharger Safari Storme GS 800: working and construction

Before we understand the variable geometry turbocharger we must understand about turbocharger that what is turbocharger, why we use turbocharger and what is the turbo leg and the turbo leg is bed or good. 


What is turbocharger:- 

The turbocharger is a device which sends the fresh air into the engine cylinder with pressure and by force.

Why we use turbocharger:-

Every maker want to achieve the maximum power output of the engine. This is possible in only two conditions first if we increased the fuel supply into the engine but this may decreased the fuel efficiency and fuel is also expensive so it may also effect the fuel economy. 

Variable geometry turbocharger : working and construction

Second condition is that we increased the air supply into the engine cylinder then we get the maximum power output and obviously the air is a free source for every one. So for increasing the supply of air a special assembly or a special device used in automobile sector which known as turbocharger.

What is turbo leg:-

The turbo leg is a defect of the turbocharger. As you know the turbocharger is driven by the pressure of the exhaust gases of the engine. The engine is produced more exhaust gases in high speed and less exhaust gases in low speed. According to to speed of the the turbine of the turbocharger the air enter into the engine cylinder. 

If thr turbine is rotate with less speed then it not able to enter the sufficient air into the engine cylinder and we the power output of the engine is decreased in low speed of the engine. This shortcoming is known as turbo leg. To overcome this problem the automobile engineers has developed the  variable geometry turbocharger


Construction of variable geometry turbocharger:-

The variable geometry turbocharger is also look like a normal turbocharger but thee are some other parts assembled with this lime movable vanes, operating linkage, solenoid etc.

Working of variable geometry turbocharger:-

The variable geometry turbocharger is operated by electrically. It controlled by ECU as per engine requirement. In low speed the solenoid and linkage give movement and move the movable vanes. The movable vanes get narrower the way of air flow and helps to happen a venture action, because of the venture the air flow increase and the air enter into the engine cylinder in maximum quantity and with pressure. 

And in high speed it work like a normal turbocharger. So here the man problem is solved that's why the variable geometry turbocharger is a important invention of the automobile engineering field.

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