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Vacuum brake booster maruti gypsy : construction and working

Vacuum brake booster maruti gypsy : construction and working

Every vehicle have a brake system for stopping and slow down the vehicle. But the different vehicle have different type of brake system like mechanical brake, air brake, electrical brake and hydraulic brake. For easy operation of the brake system the automobile engineer developed an awesome assembly which is known as Vacuum brake booster. The vacuum brake booster is developed in 1927 than after it used into the vehicles.


What is the vacuum brake booster:-

The vacuum brake booster is a assembly which helps to easy operate the brake system of the vehicle. The vacuum brake booster is operate by the vacuum of the engine. This is connected with the induction manifold with the help of a rubber hose. 

Construction of the vacuum brake booster:-

The vacuum brake booster have a rubber diaphragm which is divided it into two phase. There is a steel disc is also fitted to give strength to the rubber diaphragm. A vacuum inlet is casted pn the body of vacuum brake booster which is connect with induction manifold by the rubber hose. There is a returning spring is provided for maintain a pressure on the diaphragm. A reaction disc is fitted inside the body. A double action valve is also fitted inside it which close and open the way of vacuum.


Working of vacuum brake booster:-

When driver apply some amount of pressure on the brake pedal, the operating rod of the brake pedal is move forward and make pressure on double action valve. The double action valve move forward and it close the way of vacuum which remain at behind the rubber diaphragm. 

Vacuum brake booster maruti gypsy : construction and working

At the same time the double action valve open the atmosphere way also, because of this the vacuum of the engine is pulled the diaphragm and atmosphere pressure or brake pedal push the diaphram. In resulting the brake operation happen easy into the vehicle.

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