Disc brake : type and working

Disc brake is used to slowdown or to stop the vehicle but at first the Disc brake is used only in front wheel of the vehicle. Basically disc brake is capable to control on the high speed. But in nowa day the mostly vehicle achieved maximum speed and for controlling on this maximum speed the modern vehicle have four wheel Disc brake


Disc brake : type and working :-

There are several type of Disc brake available in the market like -

1. Single piston Disc brake

2. Double piston Disc brake

3. Fixed caliper Disc brake

4. Floating caliper Disc brake

5. Solid disc type Disc brake

6. Ventilated disc type Disc brake

Single piston disc brake:-

The single piston Disc brake is have a single mono-block type piston. It is used normally into the low speed vehicle or two Wheeler. When driver push the brake pedal then hydraulic fluid flow behind the piston and piston moves forward. The piston consist with the brake ped so it push the brake ped. Now brake ped cought the disc and braking effect achieved.

Double piston disc brake:-

This type of Disc brake have dual piston and behind the both piston always remains fluid pressure. It used into the racing bike or high speed vehicle. When driver push the brake pedal fluid pressed the both piston and both pistons are apply same amount of pressure on the both brake ped, in resulting both peds cought the disc and hault the vehicle. 

Disc brake : type and working

Fixed caliper disc brake:-

The fixed caliper have two piston and two brake peds. It work like double piston disc brake. The fluid pressure act behind the both piston and pistons moves forward, due to both brake peds also moves forward. Finally brake action happened Into the vehicle.

Floating caliper disc brake:-

The floating caliper Disc brake have single mono-block type piston. When driver push the brake pedal fluid pressed the piston and piston pressed the ped no-1. The ped no-1 cought the disc and continue coming of the fluid pressure at behind the piston then caliper body moves backward. For backward moving of the caliper body the ped no-2 also move backward and cought the disc from other side. In resulting brake has applied. 


Solid disc type disc brake:-

The solid disc was used in old vehicle. There was some problems that while applying the brake the kinetic energy convert into the heat energy. Because of this the disc was getting hot earlier and it would lose it working efficiency.

Ventilated disc type disc brake:-

In all modern vehicle the ventilated disc has used. This type of disc casted some hole for releasing heat of the disc into the atmosphere.

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