What is engine Immobilizer and how does it works


What is engine immobilizer:-

The engine immobilizer is an advance  and a secure device for the vehicle which prevents the vehicle from theft. It is used in all modern vehicles.

What is engine Immobilizer 


Construction of engine immobilizer:-

The engine immobilizer system have a coded ignition key this key have unique code, also the immobilizer system have electromagnet key way, ECU (electronic control unit), EMS (engine management system). These all are connected with each other and sends signal to each other when user put the immobilizer key into key way.


Working of engine immobilizer:-

When user put the immobilizer key which coded with secure code and contain a chip. After entering the key into the kay hole the electromagnetic key hole generate the electric signal and sends to the ECU and ECU sends signal to the EMS. After receiving signal and identifying the code by the ECU, the EMS will activate the ignition system, injectors and spark plugs, further the ECU will activate the fuel supply system, in resulting the engine will start but condition is that the key you entered into the key hole it should be the right key with right code. If you entered the wrong key or wrong code key then the ECU is identify it as a wrong key and the ECU do not active the fuel supply system and also the EMS do not active the ignition system, injectors and spark plug, in resulting the vehicle will not start and preventing from thieves. 

If you lost this immobilizer key then have to contact with regarding customer care service. They will generate another code for the vehicle and make a new immobilizer key and program it with vehicles ECU and EMS. 

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