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What is SRS Airbag and how does it works

What is SRS Airbag and how does it works

Introduction of SRS Airbag:-

To protect the driver and passengers during an accident or an illusion a best system was introduced by automobile engineers, it called SRS (supplemental restraint system) Airbag.


What is SRS Airbag:-

The SRS is know as supplemental restraint system. Vehicle have a awesome system which works to protect the passenger in the vehicle while accident. According to needed of human being and keep in mind the security of the passenger there is a system was developed which known as SRS airbag. It was start developed from 1990.

What is SRS Airbag. 

Type of SRS Airbag:-

There are many types of airbags used into the vehicle which are as follows-

1. Driver Airbags. 

2. Passenger Airbags. 

3. Side Curtain Airbags. 

4. Knee Bolster Airbags. 

5. Seat Mounted Airbags. 

6. Pedestrian Airbags

7. Inflatable Seatbelt Airbags.

8. Rear Mirror Airbags. 

9. Seat Cushion Airbags. 

10. Rear Seat Center Airbags.


Development staged of Airbags:-

According to human being's requirements the different airbags was developed in different time. Like....

Driver airbags-1990, passenger airbags- 1992, Side curtain airbags- 1997, knee bolster airbags - 2002.

Construction of SRS Airbags:-

There have several sensors like vehicle speed sensor, acceleration sensor, brake pressure sensor, door pressure sensor, gyroscope sensor, seat occupation sensor. Above all sensors are remain connected with airbags control unit. There is a airbag module which is also connected with airbags control unit. Remember all airbags have seperate airbag module. 

The airbag module is contain with three types of chemical like - Sodium Azide, Potassium Nitrate and Silicon Dioxide.

Working of SRS Airbags:-

When vehicle crushed with something then all above mentioned sensors send signal to the SRS airbags control unit. Control unit calculate that which airbags is must operate first then it send electric signal to airbag module. Now the air bag module is operated in three stage in the first stage after receiving the signal there increased the temperature more then 300°C that's why the Sodium Azide produce the nitrogen gas. In the second stage the Potassium Nitrate is react with the Sodium Azide and increased the flow of Nitrogen gas and prevent the passenger from injury. Finally in third stage the module release the nitrogen into the atmosphere and prevent the passenger from suffocation.

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