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Modern fuel injection system modifications

Modern fuel injection system modifications

To make a best fuel injection system (modern fuel injection system) there have to do some changes into the fuel system some new components has added and some old components has replace, now it's called modern fuel injection system modifications


Introduction about modern fuel injection system modifications:-

In the automobile industry there are many changes happened always according to requirment. 

But now a big problem has stant in front of us that is pollution and most dangerous pollution is exhaust pollution of vehicle. It is very harmful for human being and nature also. 

This exhaust pollution is totally happened by low quality of fuel and unburnt gases release along with exhaust gases. 

So we have to control it and central government release some guide lines for vehicle manufacturer to do some modifications in fuel supply system and control on exhaust pollution. 

modern fuel injection system modifications:-

1. Introduce good fuel supply system like MPFI (multi point fuel injection), CRDI (common rail direct injection) and GDI (gasoline direct injection). In all modern vehicle above mentioned fuel supply system is used for better fuel supply and according to engine requirment fuel supply. 

2. Use only BS-VI HSD (high speed diesel) fuel in every vehicle. To control on exhaust pollution because in BS-VI fuel only 10 plm sulphur particals. 

3. Use electric fuel pump which one operated by ECM (electronic control module).  To control on unwanted fuel supply. 


4. EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation) system is mandatory in every vehicle. For completely burn the exhaust gases. 

5. Catalytic convertor is mandatory in every vehicle. To oxidation of exhaust gases and control on pollution. 

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