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Methods of crude oil refining

Methods of crude oil refining


Name of the crude oil refinery methods:-

1. CDU- Crude oil distillation unit. 

2. VDU- Vacuum distillation unit. 

3. NHU- Naphtha hydro-treater unit. 

4. CRU- Catalytic reforming unit. 

5. AU-   Alkylation Unit. 

Detail explanation abou methods of crude oil refining:-

Crude oil distillation unit:- 

Make clean the mineral or crude oil at different temperature, this method known as crude oil distillation. 

Vacuum distillation unit:- 

The remain crude oil after getting petrol, diesel, k-II, and jet fuel etc. Passing throut vacuum distillation unit. This unit make atmospheric pressure on it. 

Methods of crude oil refining

Naphtha hydro-treater unit:- 

To using the hydrogen gas and passing the crude oil through this unit to control the sulphur from fuel.

Catalytic reforming unit:- 

To make a good cetane or octane passing through this device the de-sulphuric crude oil after passing it through NHU.

Alkylation Unit:- 

To getting very high octane by the iso-butane which is received from crude oil after CDU. 

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