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Additives of good fuel

Additives of good fuel or high speed diesel

There are many type of additives of good fuel required in  fuel / diesel but some are necessary to control on pollution and to conduct a good combustion process inside an engine cylinder due to control on unburnt fuel from exhaust and give desire power output and thermal efficiency.


Required additives of good fuel:-

1. Flow improver:- 

It is chemical compound which allow to flow the fuel at low temperature in cold weather or high altitude area. The clariant company produce a flow improver namely is Middle Distillate Flow Improver (MDFI). 

2. Wax Antisettling:- 

This protect the fuel from waxing in low temperature. The clariant company make a good wax antisettling namely is Wax Antisettling Additives.

3. Cloud Point Depressant:- 

The temperature which make crystal into the fuel this temperature known as cloud point. The cloud point depressant must be in a good fuel which protect at very low temperature against the crystallization.

4. De-icing:- 

The de-icing quality must be have in a good fuel which protect the fuel at very low temperature against converting into the ice. 

5. Anti-foam:- 

If fuel have a foaming quality than because of the foam it may block the fuel flow that's why the good fuel have a anti-foam quality. 

6. Biocide:- 

To neutralize the fungus and acid action of the fuel, some additives mix with the fuel which known as biocide.

7. Corrosion Inhibitors:- 

Make a fuel into corrosion inhibitors by mix some chemical compound because it would not be react with any metal and don't harm it.

8. Antioxidant:- 

Fuel must be like a antioxident. It can not react with oxygen. 

9. Chemical stability:- 

A good fuel may not loose it's chemical stability on high or low temperature. It may be stable.

10. Injector Cleanliness:- 

A good fuel must have a injectors cleaning capability because of there do not have any problem to atomized the fuel. Example- polyetheramine is protect the injector's orfice hole from carbon deposit.

11. Lubricity:- 

A good fuel may have some lubricant quality and while flowing lubricant working parts. 

12. Ignition Improver:- 

By mixing some chemical compound convert the fuel into ignition improver it means achieve a good cetane or octane number. Example- nitrates, nitro alkanes, nitro carbonates.

13. Smoke Suppressant:- 

By mixing some chemical compound convert the fuel into the smoke suppressant and it protect the piston rings and injector from wear.

Ok guys! Here we give you some information about fuel additives if you have any question contact us. 

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