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automatic lubrication system or centralised lubrication system

Automatic lubrication system of gear drive by spray lubrication, centralised lubrication system


Hay guys! Today we discuss about automatic lubrication system. The automatic lubrication system is also known as centralised lubrication system. Normally it used where we want to supply the right amount of lubricant when required. 

Requirements of automatic lubrication system:-

1. It lubricant the all parts properly and when required. 

2. It stop supply lubricants after lubrication the parts. 

3. It's fully safe and believable. 

Automatic lubrication system.

Centralised lubrication system. 

Components of automatic lubrication system:-

1. Controller: to control the system and also for activate the system. 

2. Pump: To sends the lubricants with pressure for lubricant the parts. 

3. Reservoir: To store the lubricant oil for the system. 

4. Metering valve: This valve is used to meter Or to measure the requirements of lubricants and also helps to send the oil in right amount. 

5. Supply pipe: Controller, reservoir and metering valve all are connected with each other by this pipe. 

6. Feed pipe: From metering valve to components sends the oil this pipe is known as a feed pipe. 

6. Return pipe. After lubrication the pipe sends return oil to the reservoir this pipe known as return pipe. 

Types of automatic lubrication system:-

1. Single Line Parallel System:- 

This system use to lubricant the small single machine. And this type of lubrication system can not carry high viscosity oil. This system is simple by construction and basically used in cement industries and small Industries. 

2. Dual Line Parallel System:-

This system is works like single line parallel system. In this system there is a change over valve used. The change over valve change the way of oil flow according to requirement, it means the parts is really required the lubrication oil the change over valve may only allow the oil flow to these part. This system is carry high viscosity oil and also lubricant the many parts in short span of time. This system is very expensive as compare to single line parallel system. This system is used in metal working plant, power plant and steel industry. 

3. Single Line Progressive System:-

This system used in wind turbine and agriculture truck and machine. This system consists many metering valves and the primary metering valve sends oil to secondary metering valve. This system provide protection against leakages. 

4. Mist Lubrication System:-

This type of lubrication system required air pressure for operation from the metering valve pressurized air contact with oil and convert the oil into the air particals thenafter spray through nozzle. This system is less costly. 


5. Multi Point Direct Lubrication System:-

This type of lubrication system have seperates actuators for each components to lubricant the parts. 

Thanks you guys for giving us your valuable time. 

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