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What is octane number and cetane number

 What is the octane and cetane number

What is Octane number and cetane number:-

1. Octane number:- 

octane number is show the anti-knocking capacity of the gasoline (petrol). Receive a good octane number by decreasing lead quantity from the petrol, in resulting pollution is control and increase the fuel efficiency. Mixture of ISO octane and n-heptane is known as octane number. 


ISO Octane - C8H18

N-heptane - C7H16


Inside the mixture the ISO octane have 100% burning capabilities and n-heptane have 0% burning capabilities. Now come on the point that we cannot use pure ISO octane because it is high inflammable that's why in resulting will faced some problem like high knocking inside the engine and even damage the cylinder wall and crack the engine parts and the major reason is it is very expensive. So keep in mind the knocking of engine and according to requirements the n-heptane is mixed into the ISO octane and received a good gasoline for example 87 MT. The good octane numbers are starting from 85 to 95.

2. Cetane Number:- 

The cetane number show the quality of diesel and also show the delay-period capability of diesel. We achieved a good cetane number by reducing the sulphur quantity from the diesel, in resulting the pollution control and fuel economy and efficiency is increased. 

Inside the cetane number there are a mixture of methlnaphthalane and n-hexadecane. 

Methylnaphthalane - C11H10

N-hexadecane - C16H34


Whai is Octane number and cetane number

The burning capabilities is more other than n-hexadecane show to mix these compound and make a good mixture for increasing the delay period of the engine. 

By increasing the delay period, make a control on detonation of engine and also on pollution. 

In India some implements continue did by govt from 1995 to 2020:-

Year                     PPM                         Stage

1995                   10000 ppm

1996                   5000 ppm

1999                   500 ppm                  BS-II

2005                   350 ppm                  BS-III

2010                  50 ppm                     BS-IV

2020                  10 ppm                     BS-VI

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