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Train Brake System Parts and function with diagram

Train Brake System Parts and function with diagram


Train Brake System Parts and function:-

As you know every vehicle have brake system same as train also have the brake system. Work of the train brake system is also to stop the train but its working method is some different than other brake system. 

Train Brake System Parts and function

Apply the brake into the train by releasing the air pressure. So let's know about it that how does it works and which parts work together.

Parts of train brake system:-

There are many parts works into the Train brake system which are as follows-

(a) High Air Compressor. 
(b) Main Air Reservoir. 
(c) Pilot Brake Valve. 
(d) Air pipe line. 
(e) Triple action Valve. 
(f) Auxiliary Air Reservoir. 
(g) Brake Cylinder. 


Train Brake System Function:-

In normal condition the pressurized air remain always filled into the system and that time remain equal air pressure at both side of the slider which is fitted inside the triple valve. Because of this the slider of the triple valve keep closed the way of brake cylinder and the way of atmosphere. When loco pilot apply the brake with the help of pilot valve then the air pressure is decreased that incoming from main air reservoir. 

Now the the auxiliary reservoir air pressure is more than main reservoir that's why the slider of the triple valve is move to one side. Dut to moving of the slider to one side the way to brake cylinder has to be opened. The the air pressure pull it the brake shoes and the brake is applied into the train.For continue applying the brake the loco pilot lock the pilot valve in lock position, due to this the way to brake cylinder has closed but the pressurized air still filled into the brake cylinder that's why the brake is remains applied continue. 

When the loco pilot put the pilot valve on the release position and the air pressure is starts coming from main reservoir and the slider has come in initial position. Due to coming the slider valve in initial position the air is coming from main reservoir is starts filled into the system and auxiliary reservoir. The way to brake cylinder and way to atmosphere is connected that's why the air of the brake cylinder is flow back and release into the atmosphere. In resulting the brake has released of the train.


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