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Aircraft Brake System : How does it works

Aircraft Brake System : How does it works 


Introduction of Aircraft Brake System:-

As usual according to the normal vehicle like bike, car, bus and train the Aircraft also have brake system to slow down and for stop the aircraft. So today we talking about the Aircraft Brake System : how does it works and which parts work along with it. How brake works when aircraft into the air or even on the ground. 

Aircraft Brake System : How does it works

Background of Aircraft Brake System:-

Before a long time when the aircraft was invented than the aircraft didn't have powerful brake like modern time. But that time the aircraft didn't have much more speed, so there was not required the powerful brake. In the earlier time the aircraft was have mechanical brakes which is operated by a lever. The lever is fitted at near by the pilot and connected with brake drum bt the cable. When want to apply the brake then pilot pulled the lever and by the cable every wheel's brake drum were operated. But it not work well then after the technology was developed and tube brake, hydraulic disc brake was invented. 

Type of the Aircraft Brake:-

There are many types of brake used into the aircraft according to it's size or weight but today we talking about most common four types brake which are as follows-

1. Single Disc brake:-

The aircraft is smaller in size and lighter in weight which, this type of aircraft have the single disc brake. This single disc is in eighter a fixed calliper or floating / movable calliper. The single disc brake works like normal bike or car etc. the hydraulic pressure flow to the piston and piston moves forward. The same movement transmitted into the pad and the brake pads comes contect with disc and finally brake has applied into the aircraft.

2. Dual disc brake:-

When the single disc is not able to control on speed of the aircraft or even to stop the aircraft. Then there two disc is fitted that's why is called as dual disc brake, but working of its same as single disc. The dual disc brake used into the aircraft which heavier and bigger then single disc brake aircraft.

3. Multiple disc brake:-

The multiple disc brake is fitted inside the very heavier ang bigger aircraft which needed more friction to stop than dual disc brake. The multiple disc brake is works like multi plate clutch. It have some internal and some external plates. After apply the brake hydraulic pressure create a pressure on it by the pistons and all plates are locked with each other, in resulting the brake applied into the aircraft.


4. Segmented rotor disc brake:-

This type of brake used in modern aircraft which one is very heavier and bigger or also faster. This type of brake is works like a multiple disc brake. But while applying brake there is a heat is generated and in aircraft the heat is generated in a lot of quantity. This heat is effect to the brake efficiency. So to control this problem cuts the disc in a shape and casted some holes on it for despite the excess heat of the disc. 

Parts of the Aircraft Brake System:-

The brake system of Aircraft is divided into four phases. All are work together then the brake applied into the aircraft. 

1. Hydraulic Brake (disc brake).
2. Brake Rudder pedal.
3. Spoilers.
4.:Thrust Lever. 

The above mentioned four parts work together and helps to apply brake into the aircraft and how does it works let's know... 

Working of Aircraft Brake System:-

  1. The spoiler helps to control on the speed of the aircraft while the aircraft flying into the air. 
  2. The Spoiler is fitted with the wings of the aircraft. The spoiler control on speed by moving it's up or down manner.
  3. The Spoiler is operated by the rudder pedal which is fitted inside the cockpit. 
  4. After landing the aircraft or when trying to landing then the reverse thrust action has used to slow down the aircraft. 
  5. In the reverse thrust action the window of the engine has opened. In normal conditions the turbine engine of the aircraft takes fresh air from front and release the exhaust gases at rear with pressure but due to open the window the exhaust gases release at front side. 
  6. Because of the reverse thrust action the aircraft is getting slow. 
  7. The window of the engine is operated by reverse thrust lever which is fitted inside the cockpit.
  8. Now finally the stop the aircraft with the help of disc brakes which is operated by hydraulic pressure. 
  9. This is the working function of the aircraft brake system.

What is the Reverse Thrust Action:-

When the fresh air will enter into al thing from front and release to rear with pressure by doing venturi action then this thing move forward with a shock but when we keep it opposite then this thing move reverse.


  1. The place where pilot is seated, known as cockpit.
  2. If the disc brake applied along with landing the aircraft then it may cause fire into the wheels that's why first control on the speed by reverse thrust action and after that apply the disc brake.
  3. The spoiler has been used to change direction of the aircraft and to control the speed of the aircraft into the air.

Now guys here we finish our topic but if you have any question than please contact us. 

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