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Differential Gearbox Questions and Universal joint

Differential Gearbox Questions and Universal joint 

Q 1.- How many types of total drive layout? 

Ans - Total three types-
(a) Front wheel drive.
(b) Rear wheel drive.
(c) All wheel drive.


Q 2.- Which metal use for making the Propeller shaft? 

Ans - Steel. 

Q 3.- Why the Propeller shaft is made of by steel ? 

Ans - Because the steel is light and strong.

Q 4.- What is the main duty of the universal joint? 

Ans - The universal joint passes the incoming drives at 22.5° angle in both up or down manner. 

Q 5.- How many types of the Universal joint? 

Ans - Total four types of universal joints are there, like.... 
(a) Spider and needle type. 
(b) constant velocity type. 
(c) Cross joint type. 
(d) Ball and Trunnion type. 

Differential Gearbox Questions and Universal joint

Q 6.- What do you mean by Fully float axle ? 

Ans - In the Fully float axle there is the complete load is act on the wheel hub or axle casing, the axle is remains completely free. 


Q 7.- What do you mean by semi float / Half float axle? 

Ans - There is a bearing between the axle and drive shaft / half hub shaft. The complete load of the vehicle is act on the bearing that's why some amount of load is act on the axle. 


Q 8.- What do you mean by the Limit slip differential and how does it work? 

Ans - 

  1. This is a latest or modern technology and it also known as clutch pack LSD kahte hai. 
  2. Inside this differential there are two sun pinions fitted on the both half hub shaft with the help off splines. 
  3. And friction discs are fitted between sun pinion and casing.
  4. The friction discs are fitted in manner of one inner and one is outer.
  5. The friction discs fitted in both side in same manner.
  6. There is a thrust pad also fitted at both side between the friction discs and cage.
  7. When any wheel slipped then on the other side wheel experience some thrust, because of this thrust the thrust pad pressed the all friction discs and make it like a single part or interlocked all friction discs. 
  8. Due to above the sun pinion and cage has been locked and all differential assembly works like a single part. 
  9. Finally the drive is transmit equally to the both wheels without slipped.

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