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Gerotor Pump Parts and Function

Gerotor Pump Construction and Working Principle


Introduction about Gerotor Pump:-

The Gerotor Pump is a fluid pump which one used to pump the fluid into the Gearbox of the vehicles for giving proper lubrication of the gears. The Gerotor Pump is a modern technology of the pumps. So we by this article we are going to discuss about the Gerotor Pump.


As you know that into the old vehicles gearbox, they do not have any pumps for lubrication of the internal gears. This type of gearbox only filled with transmission oil and same oil used for lubrication of internal gears of the gearbox. The oil flow upward by the teeth pockets of the gears and after lubrication the oil fell down into the casing again. In that case this is not capable for proper lubrication of all gears, bearing and shafts inside the gearbox. To overcome this problem into the new gearbox Automobile Engineers used Gerotor Pump. The Gerotor Pump sends the oil with pressure to all working parts for lubrication.


So today we are going to learn about Gerotor Pump and its Construction and Working Principle, lets start......


Construction of Gerotor Pump:-

Gerotor word drive from "generated rotor". The Gerotor Pump fitted inside the gearbox body. Gerotor Pump have two rotor, first one is 'inner rotor' and second one is 'outer rotor'. The outer rotor have inner teeth and the inner rotor have outer teeth. 


The inner rotor is fitted onto the drive shaft with the help of spline and outer rotor is fitted onto the inner rotor, but the inner rotor is fitted at some offset from the center of axis. The outer rotor have 1+ teeth as compare to inner rotor always. The Gerotor Pump have one oil inlet and one oil outlet.

Working Principle of Gerotor Pump:-

When driver move the vehicle, then the outer shaft of the gearbox gives drive to the inner rotor of the Gerotor Pump. The inner rotor starts rotate and alongwith the inner rotor, the outer rotor also starts rotate, because of the teeth of the outer rotor and inner rotor always remains meshed with each other. 


The rotation of the both rotor create a suction inside the Gerotor Pump body, because the suction oil flow from the storage and filled into the Gerotor pump body. The same oil goes out with pressure for lubricating all the internal parts of the gearbox and after lubricating oil fall down into the casing of the gearbox.


Important points about Gerotor Pump:-

1.    Name of the Gerotor Pump is drive from the generated rotor.

2.    The Gerotor Pump consists the two rotor (inner rotor and outer rotor).

3.    The rotation of the both rotor create a suction inside the pump body.


4.    Because of the inner rotor fitted on the outer shaft of the gearbox it give good sealing.

5.    Better prevent from the oil leakage.

6.    Pump the oil with high pressure.

Advantage of the Gerotor Pump:-

1.    High Speed Operation.

2.    Constant Discharge in all Pressure Condition.

3.    Less Sound in Running Condition.

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