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What is Flywheel : definition and working

What is Flywheel : definition and working, How does flywheel store energy

The flywheel is a mechanism which designed for keeps continue the drive by its momentum or rotational drive. The Flywheel is stored kinetic energy. The flywheel help to make easy movement of engine and it also help to make live three dead stroke of the engine. So today we learn about flywheel definition and working.


Flywheel definition:-

The flywheel is a rounded disc which stored kinetic energy of the engine and make continuity of drive. The flywheel is made of by cast iron and different hard and solid metal.

Flywheel working :-

The flywheel is always fitted with crank shaft. It fitted on the rear flange of the crank shaft. After engine starting the flywheel gets drive from crank shaft during power stroke only and transmit the incoming drive to the transmission system through clutch.

flywheel definition and working

But the flywheel gives drive to remains three dead stroke like suction stroke, compression stroke and exhaust stroke. And also make continue drive for transmission because of its own weight and momentum.


Type of flywheel:-

There are two type of flywheel normally used into the automobile sector which are as follow-

1. Ring gear detachable type. 

2. Ring gear non detachable type. 

Ring gear detachable type :-

We can replace on ring gear of this type of flywheel incase found wear or broken any teeth.

Ring gear non detachable type :-

If we found wear or broken any teeth of the flywheel then we do not replace the ring gear of the flywheel, we have to replace the flywheel.

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