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What is clutch and how clutch works

What is clutch and how clutch works, 
What is clutch plate


What is clutch:-

It occurs in all types of vehicles such as motorcycles, buses, trucks and any machine where an engine or motor is required to operate any other shaft. All clutch does the same

Definition of the clutch:-

Clutch is a mechanical device that connects and disconnects the power transmission between the driving shaft and driven shaft.

What is clutch.
how clutch works. 
What is clutch plate.
Definition of clutch.

Here the driving shaft is the one which is getting the power from the engine i.e. the use engine is rotating and the driven shaft is the one which when moving the vehicle moves forward and the clutch between these two which connect and disconnect these two shafts That is to say, Clutch is the means which breaks and connects the speed of engine and transmission. 

Working of the clutch :-

Clutch works on the principle of friction. There are three things in its working Flywheel, Clutch plate or disc and Pressure plate. In which the flywheel is moving with the power from the engine i.e. from the driving shaft, now both sides of the clutch plate have good friction material, which is near the flywheel from one side and the other side is towards the pressure plate when the flywheel is moving. And when applying external force on the clutch plate, it starts moving with the flywheel due to friction.

An external force which can press the single clutch plate towards the flywheel, it acts on the pressure plate. When we press the clutch then the external force goes through the clutch pedal to the pressure plate which pushes the clutch plate which causes the clutch plate to rotate and at the same time the pressure plate is connected to the driven shaft, so it also starts to rotate.

This was the working of single plate clutch. If you want to know this in detail, then write in the comment and contact us. 

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