ALS Mk-4 technical data (Ashok Leyland Stallion)

As you know that the Vehicle Fectory Jabalpur is produced the vehicles for the Indian Army. There are many vehicles are made by VFJ (vehicle fectory jabalpur) like Shaktiman, ALS Mk-III, ALS Mk-IV, Super ALS 6X6, Super ALS 8X8, Super ALS 10X10, Super ALS 12X12 etc. Today we are going to know about als mk-4 technical data.


als mk-4 technical data:-

The AlS Mk-IV is upgrade version of ALS Mk-III. The ALS Mk-IV is come with many latest and modern features and technology. So before using any vehicle or any machinery we have to know about all technical data or general data of the vehicle that's why today we know about als mk-4 technical data. 


Overall length - 7395 mm. 

Overall width - 2500mm.

Overall hight - 2960mm.

Wheel base - 4500 mm.

Front track - 2030 mm. 

Rear track - 2060 mm.

Front axle weight - 4370 kg (unladen) & 7500 kg (maximum). 

Rear axle weight - 2880 Kg (unladen) & 10200 Kg (maximum).

Total weight - 7250 Kg.

Ground clearance of vehicle - 305 mm.

Technical data of Engine:-

Bore - 104 mm. 

Stroke - 113 mm. 

Piston displacement - 5.759 ltr. 

Compression ratio - 17.5:1

Power output - 177 BJP at 2400 RPM. 

Maximum torque - 66 kg / mtr at 1600 to 1800 RPM. 

Engine oil capacity - 10.5 ltr 20w40. 

Ignition timing - 20 degree before TDC.


als mk-4 technical data

Clutch specifications:-

Clutch type - single plate dry disc diaphragm hydro-pneumatic Operation.

Fluid capacity - 300 ml. 

Outside diameter - 383 mm. 

Inner side diameter - 220 mm. 

Capacities of lubricants and coolant:-

Engine oil capacity - 10.5 ltr 20w40.

Clutch capacity - 300 ml. 

Gearbox capacity - 6 ltr 80w90.

Auxiliary gearbox capacity - 4.5 ltr 80w90.


Wheels & rim:-

Rim size - B 9.00 X 20"

Tyre size - 355/90 X 20" 18 PR. 

Brake system:-

Service brake -Air brake dual line. 

Parking brake - pneumatic release from driver cabin. 

Exhaust brake - sliding valve actuated by pressurized air. 

Steering system:-

Type:- integral power steering system. 

Caster angle - 1 degree. 

Camber angle - 1 degree 30 minute. 

Kingpin inclined - 5 degree.

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