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Lubrication System Maruti Gypsy 413 king

Lubrication System Maruti Gypsy 413 king


Lubrication system:-

Lubrication system is an important system of any vehicle because when the engine works, there is a lot of friction in it and if that friction is not reduced then the temperature of the engine will increase quickly and the engine will sizzle, so remove this problem. Lubrication system is installed for Force Feed with positive crank case ventilation type system has been installed in Maruti Gypsy vehicle.

Maruti gypsy king 413

Lubrication system gypsy 413

The lubrication system creates a thin layer of oil between the two working parts, thereby reducing friction between the two parts, besides providing some degree of shining, cushioning, policing, and cooling effect.
         Let us know how all these things happen.


Parts of the lubrication system:-

1. Oil Sump (4 ltrs 20 w 40)
2. Stainer Filter (for normal clean the oil)
3. Oil Pump   (Crescent type)
4. Oil Filter   (Fully Flow paper element cartridge type)
5. Main Oil gallery (for distribution oil to difference place)
6. Engine Oil Pressure Sending Unit (for sending a signal to oil pressure light)

Working Function of lubrication system:-

There total three functions of the lubrication system which are follow-

1. Pressure Circuit:-

With the engine starting oil starts flow from sump to pump, filter, main oil gallery and does lubrication of various parts like crank shaft, cam shaft, rocker arm & rocker shaft.

2. Return and Splash Circuit:-

After lubrication the oil flow back to the sump via internal drilling. While returning the oil splash on the cylinder wall by the crank wab of the crank shaft. After splashing the oil scrapper ring scraps the oil. 

3. Breathing circuit:-

Constant working of the engine the working parts of the getting hot, due to the oil circulate arround these parts so oil is also getting hot. The hot oil produce mist and the mist flow upward because of lighter. This mist goes to intake manifold via mist deflector and PCV valve. 

Friends, this is a small information about the Gypsy vehicle's lubrication system. If you want to know detail information about it then contact or comment us we will provide you.

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