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Cooling System, parts and working Maruti Gypsy 413

Cooling System, parts and working Maruti Gypsy 413, cooling system flush out procedure



As we know the cooling system has been installed in every vehicle. The cooling system is required to cool the engine, the Maruti Gypsy 413 king has a Thermosyphon Assisted by Pump with Sealed type Cooling System, the system has a water / coolant capacity of 4.5Ltrs Coolant.
Cooling system parts

Parts of  Cooling System:-

1.  Radiator.
2.  Water Pump.
3.  Water Jacket.
4.  Thermostat Housing.
5.  Thermostat Valve.
6.  V&PRV ( Vacuum and Pressure Release Valve ).
7.  Water Reservoir Tank.    

Working Function of cooling system:-

1. Cold Circuit.
2. Hot Circuit.
3. V&PRV Action.

Flush out procedure

Cooling System Flush out Procedure:-

Take 5 liters of water in a bucket and make 500 grams of washing soda in it. Open the system drain cock and drain all the water and close the drain cock and pour the prepared solution into the radiator. Now keep the car running for 2 hours or drive 80 km, then stand the car at the washing point drain cock and radiator cap. Open both. Now keep pouring water from the radiator cap until the clear water starts coming from the drain cock, when the clear water comes, close the drain cock and close the radiator filler cap.  This is also the way to remove furring.

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