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8x8 HMHD Cargo/Troop Carrier/Armoured Vehicle

8x8 HMHD Cargo / Troop Carrier / Armoured Vehicle


Introduction about 8x8 HMHD Cargo/Troop Carrier/Armoured Vehicle:-

The TATRA 8x8 High Mobility Heavy Duty (HMHD) Tactical Truck is a member of the most recent development of the latest military family of TATRA trucks. Due to its specific design features and 8x8 drive configuration, this truck is particularly suitable for operation in the most difficult off-road or cross-country conditions. 


Exceptional resistance of the chassis against twist and bending, as well as low transfer of vibrations on the load make it ideal means for transporting standard containers and shelters, sophisticated electronics or other sensitive loads. Cargo body with tarpaulin, foldable benches for 28 troops. 

Rear foldable access. Container locks in floor for one 20´container and two 10´containers. Air springs all-round, along with the independent wheel suspension, care for low vertical vibration, and thus provide high ride comfort, enabling also fast drive in rough terrain. • C-130 transportable • Adjustable vehicle height and clearance • All-wheel drive • Differential locks • CTIS operated on the fly.

Specifications / Technical Data of 8x8 HMHD Cargo/Troop Carrier/Armoured Vehicle:-

1. Engine:-

Type - Water cooled, four stroke turbo-charged and charge-air cooled direct injection diesel, electronically controlled. Euro 3 emission level. 

Model - Cummins ISMe 420 30 

Number of cylinders - 6 

Bore/stroke - 125/147 mm 

Displacement - 10.8 ltrs 

Power output - 306 kW at 1,900 RPM 

Max. torque - 2,010 Nm at 1,200 RPM 


2. Transmission:-

Model - Allison 4500 SP 

Number of speeds: - forward 6 - reverse 1 Fully automatic, electronically controlled. 


3. Transfer Case:-

Type - TATRA 2.30 TRK 0.9/2.4. Two speeds. Pneumatic control. 

4. Front Axle:-

Steered and driven swing half-axles with independent wheel suspension, axle differential locks and front drive disconnection. Wheel hub reductions. Air springs and telescopic shock absorbers. 

5. Rear Axle:-

Driven swing half-axles with independent wheel suspension, axle differential locks and inter-axle differential lock. Wheel hub reductions. Air springs and telescopic shock absorbers, sway bars. 

6. Steering:-

Left or right hand drive, integral power steering. 

7. Brakes:-

Wedge type - Self adjustable drum brake units, ABS. Four separate brake systems: service, emergency, parking, and engine brake. 


8. Wheels:-

Single tactical tyres on all axles with CTIS. 

Rims - 20 -10.00V 

Tyres - 14.00 R20 Bead locks, run-flats as option 


9. Cab COE:-

Type - medium size, forward tilting, all-steel, two doors, 2 adjustable seats with safety belts, firm 3rd seat with safety belt, flat 2-piece windscreen, right left design, roof manhole. Rifle racks, sun visors, HVAC unit. C-130 transportable. 

10. Electric Equipment:-

Nominal voltage - 24 V 

Batteries - 2x 12V, 180 Ah 

Alternator - 80 A/28 V 

11. Dimensions:-

Width - 2,550 mm 

Track - front/rear 2,072 mm 

Ground clearance - 380 mm (Clearance can be temporarily raised/lowered by suspension on the fly). 


12. Weight:-

Curb weight (chassis) - 14,500 kg 

Payload max. (rated) - 23,500 kg 

Gross Vehicle Weight (rated) - 38,000 kg 

13. Performance:-

Top speed - 105 km/h 

Gradeability at GVW - 65 % 

Side slope - 45 % 

Turning circle diameter (curb to curb) - 26.5±1 m 

Fording capability (with preparation) - 1,500 mm 

Fuel tank capacity - 420 ltrs 

Cruising range (on road) cca - 650 km 

Climbing ability - vertical step - 500 mm 

Operating ambient temperature -10°C to +55°C

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