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Introduction about 4x4 Tatra Cargo Truck / Army Troop Carrier:-

A medium class all-wheel-drive (4×x4) off-road logistic truck that, unlike other TATRA trucks and chassis-cabs, is based on the standard chassis concept - rigid portal axles and a ladder frame. The truck was developed according to specifications given by the Czech Army for a replacement of their aging fleet of medium trucks. 


As it was required, this high mobility off-road truck has been designed at the borderline of medium and heavy truck classes (N2/N3) and is designated for transporting superstructures up to 6.3 t, and also for towing of trailers on both paved and unpaved roads, as well as in difficult off-road conditions. 

The chassis with portal axles and bolted ladder frame can carry special superstructures, bodies, shelters, or standard containers. Central tyre inflation system operating on the fly is a standard feature. The 3-seat cab has an HVAC unit. The pillars and the roof are reinforced and modified to accept an MG mount in the manhole.

Specification / Technical Data of 4x4 Tatra Cargo Truck / Army Troop Carrier:-

1. Engine:- 

Type - Water cooled, four stroke turbocharged and charge-air- -cooled direct injection, diesel. 

Make - Renault Trucks 

Model - DXi7 240-ECO1 

Number and arrangement of cylinders - 6 in line 


Bore/stroke - 108/130 mm 

Swept volume - 7.145 ltrs 

Max. power output - 177 kW/2,300 RPM 

Max. torque - 920 Nm/1,200-1,700 RPM (EURO 5 Version is also available)

2. Clutch:- 

Make - Valeo 

Diameter - 395 mm 

Type - Single plate, with diaphragm spring. Hydraulic control with a pneumatic booster. 

3. Transmission:-

Model - ZF ECOLITE 6S 1000 T0 

Number of speeds (forward/ reverse) - 6/1 Semiautomatic split. Except of the reverse gear, all gears are synchromeshed. PTO output. 

4. Transfer Case:-

Model - ZF STEYR VG 750/270 Dual speed with torque divider. 

5. Front Axle:-

Steered, rigid, portal with hub reductions and cross axle differential lock. Sprung by coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, sway bar. 6 t capacity. 

6. Rear Axle:-

Rigid, portal with hub reductions, cross axle differential lock. Sprung by leaf springs. 7 ton capacity. 

7. Steering:-

Left-hand drive, integral power assisted. 

8. Brake System:-

Dual circuit, pressure-air, disc brakes with ABS, air dryer. 


Service brake:-

Dual circuit pressure-air brake acting on wheels of all axles. 


Emergency brake:- 

Spring type, acting on wheels of rear axles. 

Parking brake:- 

Spring type, acting on wheels of rear axles. 

Auxiliary brake:- 

Engine brake, flap type exhaust brake. 

9. Wheels:- 

Single tyres on all axles, with CTIS operating on the fly. 

Rims - 20"/11" 

Tyres - 365/80 R20

10. Cabin:-

Cab-over-engine type, all-steel, manual hydraulically assisted tilt. 1+2 seats, sprung fully adjustable driver‘s seat with seat belt, firm double co-driver‘s seat with seat belts. HVAC unit. Manhole. 

11. Dimensions:- 

Width - 2,550 mm 

Ground clearance - 460 mm 


12. Weights:-

Curb weight - 7,500 kg 

Payload max. - 5,500 kg 

Gross Vehicle Weight max. - 13,000 kg 

Trailer - 12,000 kg 

Gross Carrying Weight max. - 25,000 kg 

13. Electrical Equipment's:- 

Voltage - 24 V 

Alternator - 28 V/100 A 

Batteries - 2 x 12 V, 180 A 

Main switch Black out lights and convoy light system 

14. Winch:-

Pulling force - 80 kilonewton

Rope length - 60 mtr 

15. Equipment's:- 

Basic tools 

Fuel tank - capacity 320 ltrs 

Trailer hitch 


16. Performance:-

Max. speed - 106 km/h 

Max. grade at GVW - 100 % 

Static side slope at CW - 80 Degree

Turning circle diameter (curb to curb) - 16.5±1 mtr  

Climbing ability - vertical step 600 mm 

Crossing ability - trench width 900 mm 

Fording capability - 1,200 mm 

Cruising range (on road) - 800 km 

Operating temperature = -32 to +49 °C 

CARGO BODY With tarpaulin, foldable benches for 16 troops, rear foldable access. 

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