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12x12 Special Chassis Tatra Cargo Truck

12x12 Special Chassis Tatra Cargo Truck


Introduction about 12x12 Special Chassis Tatra Cargo Truck:-

The TATRA T815-6MWR8T 12x12 special off-road chassis has ben designed to carry special superstructures in extreme terrain and climatic conditions - up to +50 deg C ambient temperatures. The 12x12 all-wheel drive chassis employs the unique features of the TATRA-concept chassis, which has excellent ability to negotiate difficult terrains. 

The unique system of TATRA chassis, composed of central backbone tube and independent swing half-axles, is extremely resistant against torsion and bending and makes it possible to negotiate difficult terrain and rough surfaces at higher speeds and with better ride comfort than conventional chassis.


The backbone tube also covers all parts and components of the driveline and in this way protects them from impacts and damage. 6-speed fully automatic electronically controlled transmission is incorporated directly into the backbone tube and forms an integral part of the chassis structure. 

This design makes it possible that the transmission works also as a transfer box, so no transfer box is needed. Permanent drive of 4 axles, additional 2 axles can be connected in rough terrain. All differentials lockable. Two front and two rear axles steer able. Semi-automatic TATRA CTIS is standard equipment operated on the fly.

Specifications / Technical Data of 12x12 Special Chassis Tatra Cargo Truck:-

1. Engine:-

Type - Water cooled, four stroke turbocharged and charge-air cooled direct injection Diesel Engine. 

Make - CUMMINS Engine Company Ltd. 

Model - ISM 440E 

Number and arrangement of cylinders - 6 in line 

Bore/stroke - 125/147 mm 

Displacement - 10.8 ltrs 

Max. power output - 324 kW at 1,800 RPM 

Max. torque - 2,100 Nm at 1,200 RPM 


2. Torque Converter:-

Make - Twin Disc 

Model - 8-FLW-1754-1 Equipped with lock-up clutch and 2 PTO‘s. 

3. Transmission:-

Make - Twin Disc 

Model - TD61-1177 Electronically controlled, fully automatic. Integrated into the chassis backbone tube.  

Number of speeds - forward 6 - reverse 1 Limp-home function, shift-and-fault indicator. Eliminates transfer box. Lockable front/rear torque divider integrated. 


4. Axle and Suspension:-

Type - Independent suspension with swinging half-axles, integrated into the chassis backbone tube. All axles equipped with leaf springs and rubber limiters. Two front and two rear axles equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers. 

5. Steering:-

Type - Left-hand drive, hydraulic power assisted. Two front and two rear axles steerable. Two independent circuits with emergency steering pump. 

6. Brake System:-

Type - Drum brakes with wedge type actuator, and self-adjustment feature. Load sensing brake control at rear axles connected to the air springs. ABS with switch-off feature for rough terrain driving conditions. 


Service brake:- 

Type - Pressure-air, dual circuit, acting on wheels of all axles. 

Emergency brake:- 

Type - Spring type, acting on wheels of two middle axles. 

Parking brake:- 

Type - Spring type, acting on wheels of two middle axles. 

Auxiliary brake:- 

Type - Engine compression brake type Jacobs. Trailer coupling for service, emergency and parking brakes.

7. Wheels:-

Type - Single tyres on all axles, with semi-automatically controlled CTIS. 

Rims - 20 -10.00 V 

Tyres - 16.00 R20 Bead locks 


8. Cabin:-

Type - Cab-over-engine type, all-metal TATRA two door cab with bent windscreen and manhole in the roof. 2 full-size seats +1 emergency seat located at engine cover. Manual, hydraulically operated cab tilt. Cab heater, A/C, NBC protection kit. 

9. Electrical Equipment:-

Nominal voltage - 24 V 

Ground pole - negative 

Alternator - 28 V/70 A 

Batteries - 2 x 12 V, 180 Ah 


10. Dimensions:-

Width (max.) - 2,500 mm 

Length - 14,030 mm 

Height (max.) - 3,100 mm 

Wheelbase - 1,650+5,000+1,450+2,110+1,650 mm 


Front - 2,074 mm 

Rear - 2,074 mm 

Approach angle - 39° 

Ground clearance - 410 mm 

11. Weight:-

Curb weight - 18,440 kg 

Payload - 33,560 kg 

Gross Vehicle Weight - 52,000 kg 

12. Performance:-

Top speed - 81 km/h 

Gradient ability - 85% 

Side slope - 30° 


Crossing ability:- 

Trench width - 2,000 mm 

Climbing ability - vertical step 600 mm 

Fording ability - 1,250 mm 

Turning circle diameter (curb to curb) 34.2±1 m 

Fuel tank capacity - 570 ltrs 

Cruising range - on road cca 500 km 

Operating temperature = -30°C to +50°C 

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