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Tie rod bending, What will happen if tie rod found bend

Tie rod bending,What will happen if tie rod found bend



If tie rod found bend then some defects occurs in the vehicle, and now we know about these defects, but before know about the defects you must know about the work and Fitment of the tie rod.

Tie rod bend hone par vehicle mein kya hoga

Fitting of the tie rod:-

Every vehicle have tie rod, but the condition is that some vehicle have tie rod front side of the front wheel and some vehicle have rear side of the front wheel. It is fitted with the help of knuckle arm or steering arm.

Working of the tie rod:-

The tie rod is help to keep connected both wheel stab axle with each other and also connected with steering system. When user give a rotational movement to steering wheel than the same movement transfer to the right wheel by the linkages. After that tie rod takes same movement from from the right wheel stab axle and give to the left wheel stab axle.


What happen after bending the tie rod in the vehicle

Occurred defects when tie rod found bends:-

1. The vehicle may lost its steer capabilities.

2. The vehicle experience under steer and the over steer defects. 

3. The wheel will wear quickly. 

4. If the vehicle have tie rod at front side of the front wheel than afer bending the toe - in will increased. 

5. If the vehicle have tie rod at rear side of the front wheel than after bending the toe - out will increased.

6. The steering is going hard.

7. The wheels will experience some dragging.

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