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Working of IAC valve

Working of IAC valve, Working of Idle Air Control Valve

Hi guys! Now we are talking about IAC valve (idle air control valve). What is meaning of IAC valve, what is requirment of IAC valve, What is working of IAC valve, Location of IAC valve, construction of IAC valve.


Meaning of IAC valve:-

Stand form of IAC is Idle air control. It means when vehicle still starts in idling speed and throttle disc remains close than supply air and control on air flow.

Requirment of IAC valve:-

If vehicle starts in idling speed but that time there no any pressure apply on the accelerator pedal due to this the throttle disc remains close. Air supply to the intake manifold stops due to close of the  throttle disc. But engine need some amount of air for starting and thai tims the IAC valve supply some air via air by-passes that's why the IAC valve is required in the vehicle.

Location of IAC valve:-

Normally the IAC valve is fitted below or along with the throttle body.

Construction of IAC valve:-

IAC valve fitted with throttle body with the help of rubber gasket and locking bolt. It have one water inlet and one water outlet, inside this warm water circulate continuously, it may keep warm incoming air. The IAC valve have one air inlet and one air outlet both are connected with by-pass air passes. The IAC valve have a electrical solenoid which is connects with EMS (engine management system) with the help of electrical wire. 


Working of Idle air control valve.

Working of IAC valve.

Working of IAC valve:-

When vehicle remain start in idling speed and need to some air supply. Because of the throttle disc closed the throttle positioning sensor give signal to the EMS and after that EMS operate the electrical solenoid of the IAC valve and the solenoid getting magnetized. After getting magnetized the solenoid pull the valve backward and opens the air by-pass way. Now some amount of air supplies to the engine and engine remains start continuously.

The IAC valve have a another duty also. In the cold weather during cold starting when vehicle want to rich mixture for starting. The EMS send signal to the IAC and IAC valve allow to flow the air through air by-pass way it helps to start the engine in cold weather.

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