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Important Quiz Question about Automobile engineering

Important Quiz  Question about Automobile engineering


Important Quiz  Question about Automobile engineering:-

  • Air and fuel ratios in petrol engines are controlled by the Carburettor. 
  • The temperature at which the oil catches fire and starts burning, is called  flame point  . 
  • A device installed to reduce noise in the exhaust system of the vehicle is   called a muffler . 
  • Diesel fuel is  given a rating of  cetane number , it shows the amount of sulfur. 
  • The power received on the fly wheel mounted on the crank shaft of the engine is called BHP (brake horse power). 
  • The gasoline engine is running at low speeds or idling speed  thickened mixture  (rich mixture of air & fuel) is required.
Important Quiz  Question about Automobile engineering
  • The lead strip connecting the places of the cello adjacent to the storage battery is   called the cell connector .
  • The RPM of the Crank shaft of a diesel engine   is measured by a  tachometer.
  •  The watts is a measuring unit of the electric power.
  • The gauze pin  connects the small end and piston body of the engine.
  • The proper Stichiometric ratio of air and petrol is  15.25: 1  .
  • The power generated inside the cylinder is   called indicated horse power .
  • A 12 V  voltage battery is used in automobiles  .
  • The distance between front and rear wheel center point is called the wheel base .
  • The device used to reduce the noise from exhaust is   called a muffler .
  • In the engine,  lubricant  is used to reduce friction and wear.
  • The function of the coil box is to provide a high Volt current for the spark plug.
  • The short end of the connecting road is  connected to the Piston.
  • Diesel engines have a thermal efficiency of  35% maximum.
  • Super charger is required when at  high altitudes where the density of air is low  .
  • The state of friction of tires and road surface is called traction .
Important Quiz  Question about Automobile engineering
  • When the piston reaches the upper part of the engine, it is called  TDC.
  • C.I. Engines can operate on a very thin mixture. 
  • The ignition quality of diesel fuel is   known by the cetane number. 
  • The generator  converts mechanical energy into  electrical energy .
  •  Determining or correcting the scale or signs made in any measuring instrument is   called Calibration.
  •  To measure the gap between the tappet and the valve in the internal combustion engine the filler gauge is used.
Important Quiz  Question about Automobile engineering
  • The piston of a diesel engine is   cooled by lubricating oil .
  • The compression ratio of a diesel engine   varies from 14 to 24 .
  • The ignition of fuel without the external source of  ignition energy is  called auto ignition .
  • The Piston Ring  Is Used For Lubrication And Compression In The Cylinder  .
  • If diesel is used in petrol engines, the  Engine Will Not Run.
  • The Ignition Quality of the petrol is Known By The Octane Number .
  • Amp  Is the unit to measure the amount of current flowing through electricity  .
  • The octane number of iso octane is  100.
Important Quiz  Question about Automobile engineering
  • The Electrolyte Label Is 10 Mm  Above The Top Of The Plate  .
  • Common  Steel Trains  Use Pressed Steel Disc Type Rims.
  • Slipping of the Fan Belt  Is Also The Reason   For The engine being overheated repeatedly. 
  • A Stroke Is Completed In 180 Degrees. 
  • The Distance Between Two Crank Pin Is Called A Crank Plan. 
  • Full Name Of SAE Society Of Automobile Engineering 
  • The obstacles In The Ability Of Oil To Flow Is Called Viscosity. 
  • EOL is called End of Line Testers.

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